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Hello, I'm James Hansen 👋

I'm a Full Stack Developer who enjoys building things that live on the internet.

I like to code things from scratch and cultivate ideas that come to life in the browser.
I value simple content structure, clean design patterns and thoughtful interactions. I'm a software developer who specializes in building exceptional and accessible digital experiences. I'm 100% self taught, love to learn, and pick up skills very quickly. I've been coding for a few years, and it has been one of the most fulfilling and engaging experiences of my life!

Whether I'm working with a difficult application, creating funky illustrations, or designing my next prototype, I see everything I do as a challenging opportunity for authentic creative self-expression. While programming, I get to use every creative bone in my body to try to motivate, entertain and inspire people.

I'm quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually working on improving my chops one problem at a time. There’s nothing I enjoy more than designing/developing good websites and applications for people. It’s really that simple.

When I'm not building stuff, I like doing:

Calisthenics, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, drawing/painting, or exploring new places.

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James Hansen Paintings

James Hansen's paintings website

Quote Generator

James Hansen's quote generator app

Clock Project using Javascript

James Hansen's Clock Project using Javascript

Tic-Tac-Toe Game in React

James Hansen's tic-tac-toe app using react

Calculator Project using Javascript

James Hansen's calculator app using javascript

Node Express Weather Application

James Hansen's Weather app using Node and Express

Node List App w/ Postgres

James Hansen's Node & Postgres List Application

Node.js CLI tool crypto checker

James Hansen's CLI crypto tool using Node.js

Business Site Using Swiper.js

Business Site Using Swiper.js

Rock Paper Scissors Game in React

James Hansen's Rock Paper Scissors game using React

Hangman Game

James Hansen's hangman game using Vite typescript and React

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